Have you considered Virtual Postpartum Doula Services?

You did it.

Your baby is finally here.

Be proud of yourself!

You made the best choices for the birth of your baby.

And now?

What if your first days home with baby could be relaxing and calm?


Image by: Yael B. Yisrael

What if there was an expert in all things postpartum, who could assist and support you in navigating the exciting postpartum time that some call the 4th Trimester?

Flatbush Doulas are the experts who are at your service, nurturing and supporting you as you recover from birth.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our postpartum doula services are being done virtually, with hospital & in-home postpartum care offered on a very limited basis.

Tell us what you want.

We are happy to share our intimate knowledge of African postpartum pampering traditions, from belly binding to hydrotherapy via steams and baths.

Whatever your cultural traditions about newborn care, feeding, and home environment are,

Flatbush Doulas will be glad to support you.

Maybe you want to indulge in a seclusion period where your family’s  focus will be nourishment, warmth, and bonding.

Or perhaps you are a family that loves visitors and wants to have overnight postpartum care to support you in deep, uninterrupted stretches of sleep at night.


Who says that being a parent of a newborn has to be stressful, confusing, and rough?

With Flatbush Doulas, your parenting preferences and philosophies are respected, and never judged.

Contact us today, so we can discuss the postpartum care packages that we offer.

You can contract as little as four hours of care, or as many as you would like.

It’s all up to you!

Flatbush Doulas