Starting in October 2015, ProDoulas have been converging upon Kansas City, Misssouri to attend a one-of-a-kind business conference.  This is the second year of the annual event, which is an exciting mix of fun, personal & professional development, marketing education, and the nitty gritty business essentials that doulas have come to associate with the ProDoula brand. Plus, it’s like a family reunion!

The conference runs from October 13-15 this year, and the theme is “Share the Vision”. That vision is to be professional & compassionate, and focused on building strong relationships with clients, providers, and the local communities that each doula serves.

This year, Flatbush Doulas owner Yael B. Yisrael is attending the ProDoula Conference.  The keynote speaker this year is Rosie Pope, the trendsetting pregnancy and motherhood guru. The expert presenters include ProDoula owners Randy Patterson & Debbie Aglietti, Yellow Jacket Social owner Erica Patterson, Jerry Patterson of Peekskill Web Design, Byrke Sestok of Rightirement Wealth Partners, Dr. Meedlen Charles OB/GYN, Dr. George Mussali OB/GYN, and several other experts whom are listed on the ProDoula Conference schedule.

Doula work is a very rewarding and also demanding career.  Caring for mothers and families is a special honor.  The ProDoula annual conference is where professional doulas can celebrate and be acknowledged, as well as learn cutting edge information from medical professionals, business leaders, and one another.  We are so happy to be here, and the banquet was a blast!