What does labor support look like?

At Flatbush Doulas,

labor support begins

the moment you choose to

contract us as your doula agency.

What questions and concerns

do you have

about pregnancy & birth?

Your Flatbush Doulas labor doula

is your personal expert

during the prenatal,


and postpartum periods.  

Ask her as many questions

as you like.  

What techniques can you use

to cope during labor?  

Which hospitals in New York City & Long Island are baby-friendly?

Which local acupuncturists offer prenatal and labor acupuncture?

What options for pain relief are available?

How can you be sure what baby gear is right for you and your baby?

The Flatbush Doulas labor contract includes  24-hour on call support, which begins at the contract signing.


Our professional support is based on the ProDoula method of providing compassionate care to you, throughout your entire pregnancy.


We will never judge the choices you make during your labor, or at any other time.

We will work as a team with your health care providers, and follow their lead.

Our support is not medical.

We are your pregnancy best friends.

Let us help you make sense of the emotional & physical changes you are experiencing, as well as offer you the education you desire to support your choices.

Call (347) 688-9235 now

to find out more

about our labor doula services!


Flatbush Doulas