At Flatbush Doulas, we recognize and respect the many pathways through which people learn.


Some folks learn best in groups, while others prefer one-on-one coaching.


Depending on the scope and breadth of the information, you may choose a virtual classroom experience, where webinars and podcasts assist your learning process.


Perhaps you would enjoy learning face-to-face, in a private class taught in the comfort of your home? You may be an independent learner who would rather receive a customized study guide and syllabus, and then work at your own pace, to research and complete assignments.


Whatever your way of processing information and attaining knowledge, Flatbush Doulas has classes and learning options for you!

Have a look at our current offerings, and check back often as new ones are added in response to our clients’ requests. Cheers to continuing education!


  •  African Baby Carrying 101

  •  Breastfeeding Basics & Beyond

  •  Comfort Measures For Labor

  •  For Grandparents Only!

  •  Menu Planning for Postpartum

  •  Newborn Care 101

  •  Postpartum Pampering Traditions

  •  Private Coaching


To schedule a class or learn more about coaching with Yael B. Yisrael, owner of Flatbush Doulas