As the NYC summer rolls by, with lots of humid sticky days and balmy nights, most families are just trying to keep cool. Between the fun times in the pool, or at local beaches, or the lazy moments lounging near cool fans and air conditioners, it’s easy to forget those who are struggling in our city.image

Did you know that over 23,000 children are homeless in NYC? Many of those children are infants and toddlers, whose families struggle to pay for diapers. Diapers, though essential, are very expensive, and not covered by food stamps.

When families cannot afford to buy enough diapers to keep up with their children’s needs, children suffer. A parent who is choosing between clean diapers and other basic needs, may decide to let their child wear a soiled diaper for a longer period of time. This is a way to conserve diapers, and more families do this than you may realize.

Leaving children in soiled diapers, usually leads to diaper rash. But more serious concerns also may occur, such as urinary tract infections due to prolonged exposure to bacteria. The overall happiness of a child whose diaper needs are not being met, will likely be diminished. The crankiness of that child, may lead to depression, frustration, and exasperation in their parents. In extreme cases, when parents cannot cope, they may end up doing unthinkable acts, just to get their child to stop crying.

How can you help?

Flatbush Doulas, Inc. is sponsoring a Fall Diaper Drive, to provide clean diapers for children in our area who are in need. Our goal is to raise 100,000 disposable diapers by November 5, 2016. We have partnered with several local organizations which will distribute the diapers directly, to the families which they serve.

The following organizations will receive diapers from our drive:

1. Women In Need East Flatbush Family Shelter
2. Women In Need East New York Family Shelter
3. Dean Street Residence
4. Met Council on Jewish Poverty
5. Jewish Community Council of the Rockaways
6. The Mother’s Union of The Church of St. Mark’s
7. Beth Shalom Hebrew Congregation

Flatbush Doulas will also keep some of the donated diapers on hand, to distribute throughout the year, to families that we encounter in our local Brooklyn community.

The diapers we are requesting at this time are all sizes, from newborn and up, but especially sizes 4-6. Any cloth diapers that are donated will be distributed by Flatbush Doulas during cloth diapering workshops which will be given throughout the year.

Do you own a local business?

If you are a local business owner, and would like to allow Flatbush Doulas to set up a box at your location, to collect diaper donations, please contact us now! Just send an email to

We will facilitate weekly pick-ups by volunteers, so that as soon as the boxes are full, the diapers can be picked up. The boxes will be placed during the second week of September 2016 and removed during the last week of October 2016.

Do you want to be a volunteer?

Contact us now. Your time, donation, and enthusiasm can make a difference in raising awareness about diaper need in our city. Your generosity can stop diaper need from leading to child abuse.

The Flatbush Doulas Fall Diaper Drive will start in September. We will send press releases to our local news outlets, highlighting the diaper drive, the recipients and the businesses that are partnering as drop off sites.


Together we can impact the lives of families in NYC.

Please share with anyone who may want to help!

Thank you,


Yael B. Yisrael, Owner

Flatbush Doulas, Inc.