Have you heard of belly binding?

In the African pampering tradition, bellybinding is a restorative art.

It’s purpose is to provide strength and warmth to the core muscles.

Do you want to feel strong and supported as you care for your baby, heal from the birth, and manage your daily schedule?


Try African belly binding.


This cultural tradition is rooted in deep wisdom, and has been passed on from generation to generation, up until today.

Flatbush Doulas is proud to continue this ancient cultural tradition, in a professional, modern and convenient way.

Our postpartum bellybinding specialists will educate you on how to wrap your new belly binder,

how long to wear it, how to care for it,

and other self-care rituals that are especially helpful for postnatal recovery.


We will customize the belly bind to suit your physical proportions, and your aesthetic preferences.


Call (347) 688-9235 today to book

a belly binding education, demonstration,

and application session!

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