Have you heard of belly binding?

In the African pampering tradition, bellybinding is a restorative art.

It’s purpose is to provide strength and warmth to the core muscles.

Lately, bellybinding has become very trendy.  Asian styles of bellybinding have been popularized and promoted.

At Flatbush Doulas, we are preserving the African tradition of bellbinding, which was continued in the Caribbean, or the “belly band” as our grannies would call it.

This ancestral science is an unbroken link back to the continent of Africa, where belly binding is still part of the postpartum pampering practices in use today.

Women who experience postpartum African Belly Binding report feeling less pain in their lower backs, more supported in their core, improved posture, and relief from that “empty” postbirth feeling.

Belly Band

Do you want to feel strong and supported as you care for your baby, heal from the birth, and manage your daily schedule?

Try Bespoke African Belly Binding services from Flatbush Doulas!

Flatbush Doulas currently offers two Bespoke African Belly Binding services:
1) Bespoke African Belly Bind Package: Custom-made Bind + Bind Session 
With this service, you receive an African Belly Band made to fit your postpartum measurements, which includes adjustable closure for when you get smaller.  This package also features hands-on instruction in your home which teaches you and your support person how to wrap the bind, as well as care for it.
The Bespoke package also includes unlimited adjustments/alterations as needed.
2) Bespoke African Belly Bind:   You will receive the custom bind, along with detailed instructions on how to wrap and care for it. We will answer your questions regarding postpartum self-care and pampering traditions.

Flatbush Doulas is proud to continue this ancient cultural tradition, in a professional, modern and convenient way.

We will customize the belly bind to suit your physical proportions, and your aesthetic preferences.

Contact Flatbush Doulas today, to order your Bespoke African Belly Bind, & schedule your in-home African Belly Binding education, demonstration, and application session!

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