We get it. Life is hectic. Friends and family live farther away from each other than before. And now your bestie/cousin/daughter/(insert loved one here) is pregnant.

Of course you would love to be there to help change diapers, run a load of laundry, whip up a yummy meal, or just sit and talk about this most exciting miracle of new life.  But sadly, the true needs of the postpartum period aren’t often understood or accepted in our modern lives. We think that folks will “get through it” the same way we got through other transitions in our lives.

Bubble Bath Fun

But what if there was a way, to set up the special preggo in your life for success? There is! Flatbush Doulas is offering gift cards that can be used for ALL of our services.

Professional doula and lactation support can make such a difference in the way families cope, during those first grueling days of parenthood, and beyond.

Its easy to order and deliver. Just click here to purchase an electronic gift card for your loved one. They will be so glad you did!